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ILL Borrowing Policy

This is a guide to the requirements and policies for using InterLibrary Loan through the New Mexico State Library.

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Important to Note

  • Never affix adhesive labels or tape to an item borrowed. If you need to keep paperwork with a book consider making a strap using a long strip of paper and taping to the paper itself, not the book.
  • Always keep the paperwork sent by the lending library with the book, and return it with the book.
  • Please notify us promptly when you return materials to the lender by sending an email to

For more info on the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States visit this site.

Eligibility and Registration

Public libraries, tribal libraries and correctional facilities in the state of New Mexico are eligible to use the NMSL Interlibrary Loan service to provide ILL to their patrons provided that they agree to the following responsibilities.

If your library does not have an account with us and would like to sign up for ILL services please contact
call 505-476-9716 or email and we will set up an account for you.
We recommend using a generic email address that multiple people are able to access, and using a username that incorporates your library's name (instead of the name of a staff member, etc.).

State Grants-in-Aid

Public libraries that wish to qualify for State Grants-in-Aid must provide free Interlibrary Loan services to their patrons.

You can ask your patrons to pay the return shipping costs for the book, but you cannot charge them any set fee in order to qualify for state funding.

You can read more about state grants for public libraries on the State Library's webpage.

State Grants-in-Aid are governed by the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 4.5.2.


NMSL does not borrow from lenders that charge fees for books or copies, not even if the patron offers to pay the fee, so there are no fees for requesting materials.        

Libraries using NMSL for ILL services will be responsible for paying return shipping costs for any materials they borrow.

You, as the borrowing library, will be held responsible to pay any fines for lost books (see the "lost books" section for more). There are no late fees for ILL books; however, we request that you endeavor to return books on time, as best you can, to help us maintain good relationships with our lending libraries.

Submitting a Request

Interlibrary Loan requests must be submitted electronically through our ILL website-

Simply login to your account, and fill out the appropriate form for the item you would like to request under the “New Request” section in the menu. Then enter the book or article citation information into the request form. The more information we have, the more successful we are in obtaining material.

It takes 10 working days on average to receive a book. Certain articles can be delivered by email within 24 hours, others may average about 10 working days.

If you encounter trouble logging in or submitting requests please contact our Interlibrary Loan department at 505-476-9716.


Libraries are allowed 125 active requests at a time.

An active request entails any request from when it is submitted to when it is returned. If you reach the limit you will be allowed to order more as books are returned- more specifically when they are marked as checked in by NSML in the system (see the “returning” section).


Most lenders will renew books at least one time, but please enter your renewal request into ILLiad 4-5 days before the due date. We will have a much easier time renewing, if the book is not overdue.

Renewals can be requested through the ILL website if the items that currently have a "checked out to customer" status on the request. The “Renew Request” button will appear at the top of the transaction information of the request -if the ILL staff has allowed renewals for the item and if it is within the allowable time range before the book is due. If you are not able to access the renew request button you can ask for a renewal via email at and we will manually submit the request.

When a renewal request is submitted a suggested new due date is generated and emailed to the lending library. The lending library will then either accept the date given, accept the renewal but provide a different due date, or reject the renewal; the lender’s response will then be emailed to you. (If the lending library fails to send a reply you are free to assume the suggested due date as the new due date.)

You can only request a renewal one time per each request.           


Loans: If the requested book is held in the State Library’s collection you will receive an email notification letting you know the book is on its way; otherwise, you will generally not receive any notification that an item has shipped and it will just arrive at your library through the mail.

If a book appears to be taking a long time to get to you, please feel free to call or email us and we can check the status of a request for you personally.

Articles: You will receive an email when your article is available. The email will direct you to your Interlibrary Loan account where you can view it under “electronically received articles.”


When returning an item to the lending library you will need to contact NMSL at and let us know what transaction is being returned. Please send us an email with the transaction number (TN) of the request- as listed on your ILL account- or the ILL number, the 9-digit number on the paperwork sent by the lending library.

(Please note: the lending library's paperwork might also have a TN on it. This is the TN that was generated by their end and will not match with your TN. The ILL number is the unique identifying number that is in common between us and the lending library.)

Please notify NMSL promptly when you return materials because we need to update the status of the book to returned. Notifying us promptly helps us maintain better relationships with our lenders because we are processing them correctly on our end- if we fail to do so it can cause error flags on transactions, or -depending on the ILL system the lender uses- they may not be able the check the book back in until we mark it as returned. It also benefits you because you will not receive overdue notices by mistake.; the system automatically generates overdue notices based on the due date listed on the request if it has a checked out status, so if it does not get checked in on our end you will receive notices even if the book has already been returned.

Lost Books

According to the ILL policies set up by the American Library Association, you as the borrowing library are responsible for any borrowed item from the moment it leaves the lending institution until it arrives back. That means that even if the item becomes lost in the mail on its way to you, or after you mail it back to the lender, you are responsible for replacing the book.

Copyright Law

The State Library is able to provide its patrons materials based on the provisions of fair use. If at any time the library's staff feel that a request violates copyright law the library reserves the right to refuse filling the request.

For more on copyright law and fair use you can visit: