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ILL Borrowing Policy

This is a guide to the requirements and policies for using InterLibrary Loan through the New Mexico State Library.

Important to Note

  • Never affix adhesive labels or tape to an item borrowed.
  • Do not write, highlight, or do anything that may mark a borrowed item. Please handle materials with care.


Individuals who are not a state employees but are working on independent research -involving State Library collections such as Federal documents; New Mexico state documents; or Southwest history, culture, or genealogy- can have items ordered for them through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) at the State Library.

See the "Submitting a Request" section for more information.


The State Library does not charge fees for ILL and only orders from libraries who do not charge fees in return, so that ILL services can be provided to independent researchers free of charge.

If any ILL material is lost while it is in the possession of the researcher, her or she will be held responsible for paying the invoice for that item (see the "Lost Books" section for more information).

Submitting a Request

Independent researchers who are doing research on topics in keeping with the State Library's collections can request items through Interlibrary loan.

Researchers who are not a state employees are not permitted to create a personal ILL account, but can instead make a request through the librarian on duty at the reference/circulation desk. The librarian will take the researcher's name and contact information, and make the request through a general reference account on his/her behalf. The library will contact the researcher using the provided contact information (either by phone or by email) once the requested material has arrived.


Loans: Notifications will be sent via email or phone when ILL books become available for pickup. Books will be held at the New Mexico State Library reference desk, on the 2nd floor of the library.

Articles: Articles will be emailed to when they are available, or it can be arranged to have articles printed out in instances where emailing is not an option.


Some items may be eligible for renewal; however, the library staff will have to check with the lending library if they will permit an additional loan period. The decision of the lending library is final.

To request a renewal, contact the librarian at the library's reference desk. Please submit renewal requests 4-5 days before the due date. Most lenders will renew books at least one time, but the lending library will be more likely to approve a renewal if the book is not already overdue.


Interlibrary loan items may be recalled at any time by the lending library. If an item is recalled by the lender the State Library will send notification via email or phone. When a book is recalled the due date that was initially given is no longer valid, and the patron must return the book to the state library as soon as possible.

Overdue Items

The State Library does not charge overdue fees for ILL items; however, please return books promptly so that the State Library can maintain good relationships with its lending libraries, so that they will continue to lend their books in the future.

Lost Books

For books from the State Library's collection:

If an item, that comes from the State Library's collection, is 4 weeks late the patron will be invoiced for the cost of the book. The State Library accepts replacement copies, if in new condition, in lieu of monetary payment.

For books from other libraries:

The amount of time it takes to receive an invoice from another library will vary depending on the policies of each individual lending library. When an invoice is received the amount will be billed to the patron's account- in this instance replacement copies will not be accepted.

Copyright Law

The State Library is able to provide its patrons materials based on the provisions of fair use. If at any time the library's staff feel that a request violates copyright law the library reserves the right to refuse filling the request.

For more on copyright law and fair use you can visit: