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2024 solar eclipse: For libraries

Information about the annular eclipse including how to safely view the event

Viewing Glasses

Are you not sure where to find solar glasses? Looking for posters? We will update this page as we learn about different resources such as:

2023 Annular Solar Eclipse Pop-Up Banner
"The NASA HEAT developed pop-up banner is a captivating display that highlights the upcoming annular solar eclipse on October 11, 2023. This banner combines the excitement of the eclipse with NASA's groundbreaking eclipse science missions using sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons."

Solar Science Kits

Solar Science Kits

Solar science kits are available for circulation to public libraries! You can schedule a kit at the New Mexico State Library's Equipment Catalog

Chose the StarNet: Younger Audience Kit or the StarNet: Multi-generational Programming Kit

For questions contact Kelly McCabe,, Youth Services Coordinator at the New Mexico State Library for more information. 

Solar Science kit

Viewing glasses

Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL)
"With funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Space Science Institute, through its Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL) program is distributing five-million solar-viewing glasses to 10,000 libraries, plus providing information and activities to share with library patrons.  In addition, workshops for librarians are being held across the country to ensure library patrons can safely enjoy these spectacular celestial events."

Viewing glasses for purchase

Alpine Astronomical

American Paper Optics (custom-print available)



DayStar Filters

Explore Scientific (custom-print available)

Lunt Solar Systems (available in kid sizes, Spanish)

Rainbow Symphony (custom-print available, Spanish)

Solar Eclipse International/Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co., Ltd.* (custom-print available)

Spectrum Telescope

Thousand Oaks Optical (sheets/rolls available)

Watch and learn

Free streaming videos from NOVA!

"Use this resource to stimulate curiosity about the motions of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth and to provide opportunities for students to develop and use models of eclipses."

Babylonians and the Saros Cycle

Learn how ancient Babylonians were able to predict eclipses using a pattern deduced from prior observations, in this video from NOVA: Eclipse Over America.

How Halley Predicted the 1715 Eclipse

Learn how Edmond Halley used mathematics to predict the time and path of the 1715 total solar eclipse, in this video from NOVA: Eclipse Over America.

Free poster- self print

To celebrate the special role of eclipses in connecting art and science, creatives across NASA will be sharing their eclipse-inspired artwork in anticipation of two solar eclipses that will cross the United States on October 14, 2023, and April 8, 2024. This poster was created by Tyler Nordgren.]

Learn more and download this poster here.

Solar Eclipse Poster – Michael Lentz

Poster of eclipse over mountains

Michael Lentz is an art director and artist fortunate to have worked with respected organizations such as National Geographic, Discovery, and now NASA. He is currently the art director at NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab and leads the NASA Creatives group, where he enjoys the opportunity to combine science and art to create compelling visuals. Michael believes in the power of storytelling and innovation to convey the wonders of the universe. Downloadable file here


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