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Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application for Public Libraries: Using DocuSign For Electronic Signature of State Aid Grant Agreement

A guide for New Mexico public libraries to refer to when completing the Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application

Why DocuSign?





DocuSign is used to capture the electronic signature of the authorized person to more efficiently disburse state aid allocations to eligible public libraries.

  • Are Electronic Signatures safe? Yes, electronic signatures are safe.
  • Why an e-signature is more secure than a wet signature: A common question people have is “Can my digital signature be forged, misused or copied?” The reality is, wet signatures can easily be forged and tampered with, while electronic signatures have many layers of security and authentication built into them, along with court-admissible proof of transaction.

For more information regarding safety and security of Electronic Signatures see the following link: