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Biographical Resources for New Mexicans: Topical Sources

The resources presented here will assist researchers in finding biographical or genealogical information about New Mexicans. Unless otherwise stated, all items are located in the Southwest Room at the New Mexico State Library.

Topical Sources

Black Directory of New Mexico: Black Pioneers of New Mexico, a documentary and pictorial history.  Panorama Press, 1976.  Family photos and town histories. 920 R521b

Bohme, Frederick G.  A History of the Italians in New Mexico.   (Ph.D. Diss., UNM, 1958)  Information about Italians and Jesuits in New Mexico from mid-19th to mid-20th centuries. 978.9 B676h

Ewen, Alexander and Jeffrey Wollock. Encyclopedia of the American Indian in Twentieth Century. University of New Mexico Press, 2015. Contains many biographical entries for 20th C. Native Americans. 970.00497 E945e

Eddy County New Mexico to 1981, Southeastern NM Historical Society, 1982.  History of the County and  biographies of current Eddy County citizens, in alphabetical order.  Photos.  920.078942 E21

Fierman, Floyd S.  Guts and Ruts and Roots and Boots, KTAV Publishing House, 1985 & 1987.  Two books include backgrounds and genealogies of Crypto-Jews and Jewish pioneer families in the American Southwest, with related historical facts about Jews in the Southwest. 979.00492 F465

New Mexico Roots, Ltd (“Diligencias Matrimoniales”), compiled by Angélico Chávez, 1982, and, Roots, the Index, by Sharon Louise Heinz.   Contains names of every person mentioned in pre-nuptial investigations of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Church records, 1678-1869. 

Vigil, Arnold. Enduring Cowboys: Life in the New Mexico Saddle. New Mexico Magazine, 1999. Included one page biographies on New Mexico cowboys. NM T 502.81:E 57


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