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New Mexico State Government Publications

The New Mexico State Library is the official repository for the publications produced by the New Mexico State government. All state agencies are expected to deposit their publications as per NMAC 10.25.10, D. Section 18-2-4 NMSA 1978 and E. Section 18-2-4.1 NMSA 1978. This repository program began in the 1960's and is maintained today so that this information will remain available in perpetuity. 

Government Information Librarian

Collection Basics

In the NMS Government documents collection items are cataloged and shelved using the system illustrated below. This poster may also help you come up with subject keywords to use in your searching. 


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Getting Started

Online Catalog

Use our online catalog to find government documents in our physical and digital collections. Use the search tips below to help you find what you need.

Digital State Publications

Access our digital archive to find digitally produced and/or archived state government documents. Search this resource with agency name or title of document. 

Searching by author in the catalog:

Author is typically the top level department under which the material was published. It is important to remember that  department and agency names have changed over time so be prepared to research name changes and to try different names.

Searching by title in the catalog:

If the title of the document is known that can be used to find information in our catalog as well. You can modify this search to Keyword, Phrase, or Exact depending on how sure you are of the title.

Searching by keyword in the catalog:  

Subject keywords can be used to populate general results for a particular topic area. This search may pull up more than you are looking for but it also may give you some useful documents not already on your radar.


Organizational Chart of New Mexico Government


Other Library Collections

House and Senate Bills

If you are in need of the bills as they were submitted they can be found in the following places: