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Water Resources of the Southwest

The success of agriculture, farming and ranching, and everyday life in the Southwest is indelibly tied to the supply of water, or the lack thereof. The constant instability of water in this region has prompted local and federal government regulations and reports, encouraged sustainability research, and also influenced practical and fictional writings. You can find many of these resources in the NMSL collection as well as online. This page should help you get started in your research about this life giving resource. 

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General Interest - In Our Collection

Amy Schaefer, Southwest Librarian

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Amy Schaefer
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Glossaries of Water Terms

There are two great Water-Term Glossaries that we recommend you consult while doing your water research and as a resource for finding alternative search terms for our catalog.

Search Tips

Search Tips: 

  • Use the "Advance Search" option where possible
  • Try using keywords  or subject terms (examples, “New Mexico”, “Drought”, “Water resilience”)
  • Sometimes more than one search term is necessary. In Advance Search you can link these terms with “AND” or distinguish them with “OR”. You can also eliminate words to search for by selecting “NOT".
  • If you have a particular resource in mind you can search by Title and/or Author (Agency).