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In the Spotlight: Upcoming Professional Development Event

 The 3rd of 3 online Library 2.017 mini-conferences: "Makerspaces"

  When: Wednesday, October 11, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Mountain Time

  Free online conference!

  Register to attend live or receive the recording links afterward.




Conference description: There has been a lot of talk about makerspaces in libraries over the  past four years. If you are unsure what makerspaces are, think of them as creative locations for  tinkering, collaborating, problem solving, and creating in a library or educational space. No matter how many maker learning spaces you may visit, you will quickly notice no two are the same. Each librarian and makerspace delivers their own brand of service to their individual community. Attendees will investigate how librarians with makerspaces can create new partnerships and collaborative efforts in and with their communities. Offering further services and methods to meet patron needs. We invite all library professionals, employers, LIS students, and educators to provide input and participate in this event.  

Participants are encouraged to use #library2017 on their social media posts leading up to and during the event.

In the Spotlight: Upcoming Professional Development Event


When: Wednesday, October 18, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Mountain Time

Exhibits open at 7:00 a.m., Mountain Time

TechKnowledge is a complimentary virtual conference: no traveling costs, no accommodation costs, no attendance fees. ALL CONTENT. It's a must for anyone who has a role in their public, academic, or school library setting. This event will deliver the most relevant and up-to-the-minute content to help drive libraries and stakeholders into a pro-active, user-centric future. 

Join us to explore emerging technologies, service models, innovative programming, new ways of sparking learning and active engagement while building access and assuring inclusion. Four high content learning tracks for and from libraries of all types—school, academic, and public—will be offered in key areas. 

Registration is free and includes access to the event archives, on-demand, including all presentations, information and handouts from the conference. By registering for this conference, you are agreeing that Library Journal/School Library Journal may share your registration information with sponsors currently shown and future sponsors of this event.

More information is available here.

About this Subject Guide

This subject guide is based on resources the presenter and program participants shared at the 2017 New Mexico Library Association Mini-conference program Transforming Ourselves through Professional Development. A big Thank You to everyone who participated!

Pages of this guide are predominantly organized based on the following areas. Transform yourself through professional development by...

  • Taking advantage of the numerous resources available through ALA
  • Attending library association conferences, in person and online
  • Completing online courses and webinars
  • Exploring library tech blogs
  • Gaining access to valuable practical tools and skills to incorporate right away from toolkits
  • Connecting to resources available through the New Mexico State Library

Know additional resources for staying up to date and ahead of the curve that are free? Do you have additional comments you would like to share? Contact us, and we'll add helpful resources to this guide.

Incorporate a Continuous Learning Mindset into Your Workweek

In his book The power of habit: why we do what we do in life and business Charles Duhigg breaks down how habits are formed. How is this helpful? In knowing how habits are formed, he also provides insight into how patterns can be broken. Goodbye negative old habits, hello positive new habits! Duhigg stresses the importance of repetition in habit formation. Give this a try by blocking out time on your calendar dedicated to focused learning in a consistent manner, such as a 30-minute time block every Monday and Wednesday at the same time on those days.

Professional Development in the Larger Context of Education and Continuous Learning at Your Library

"What YOU Can Do"

  1. Make professional education and continuous learning a high priority for all library staff
  2. Educate others about how libraries are the center for lifelong learning in the community
  3. Advocate for continued support of libraries as educational institutions -- work with library boards, the media, and elected officials at all levels of government
  4. Meet with your community (academic, school, or public...) to determine what types of educational programs people are most interested in seeing at your library -- hold a meeting where library users can share their ideas
  5. Investigate new opportunities for continuous learning at your library; collaborate with other organizations offering continuous education courses and programs for the public
  6. Determine if additional funds are needed to expand and promote programs and provide technical resources and training at your library; work to ensure that library funding is not reduced
  7. Develop programs that promote lifelong learning for the public; work with ALA Public Programs Office to host book discussions and traveling exhibits of interest to your community
  8. Make sure that you and your colleagues have the proper training and skills to assist library patrons and teach them about emerging technologies
  9. Strengthen the role of new technology and information literacy as teaching tools in libraries; develop programs that show how new technology can provide both adults and children with continuous learning opportunities
  10. Take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by ALA; volunteer for committees that focus on education and continuous learning within ALA and its divisions and in state and regional library associations

(‚Äčonline document slightly modified from ALA website, accessed 3/29/2017)


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