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Library Resources for People Who Have Experienced Incarceration: Home

People who have just been released from correctional facilities count on libraries to support them with immediate needs, such as a library card, computer access, and bus schedules. Long term support with housing, careers, healthcare, and reconnec

Reentry Programs for People Who Have Experienced Incarceration

According to the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs, 1.8 million Americans were incarcerated at the end of 2021. Reentry programs give people who have experienced incarceration necessary support to return to their communities. Programs and services address the fundamental needs such as housing, employment, family reunification, and ongoing treatment for substance abuse, mental health, and other reentry issues. Reentry programs provide support to people after incarceration and benefit public safety, but success depends on planning before a release date. 

The National Reentry Resource Center is funded and administered by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance. The National Reentry Resource Center provides information about and guidance in reentry for people who have experienced incarceration. The NRRC provides resources and tools to promote strategies to improve reentry success and avoid recidivism. 

New Mexico Reentry Center

Reentry Center Announcements

New Mexico Peer Support Organizations

The New Mexico Reentry Center is a peer support non-profit organization dedicated to a mission "to break the cycle of re-incarceration by offering training and support to individuals in New Mexico who are recovering from substance use disorders, mental health issues, and Pre/Post incarcerated individuals. Through initiatives focused on reducing recidivism, fostering self-empowerment, and providing support from lived experienced leaders, we aim to cultivate pride, resilience, and sustainability among our community members." 

Best Chance is a non-profit organization that provides: "Vital services and a warm hand-off from prison life to a healthy life on the outside. The organization was incorporated in late 2015 in the state of New Mexico." Best Chance offers transition services, referrals, material and recovery support, and an ongoing calendar of events. Best Chance is a peer support organization that is a clinically supervised Wellness Drop-In Center that helps men and women cope with behavioral health issues and homelessness challenges. Best Chance offers peer support, transition planning, help paying for and getting IDs, wellness, clothing, hygiene, transportation, brain injury screening, life skills training, and support groups with meals. 

New Mexico Department of Corrections Reentry Programs

New Mexico Department of Corrections Reentry Programs During incarceration, the New Mexico Corrections Department offers reentry programs to help people prepare for the future. 

New Mexico Corrections Department Reentry Division The New Mexico Corrections Department Reentry Division prepares people to succeed after incarceration. Options include educational opportunities, parenting classes, peer support, vocational training, and life skills. 

Bernalillo County Resource Re-Entry Center "The Resource Re-entry Center (RRC) is the first stop for individuals released from the Metropolitan Detention Center as they reintegrate into the community. It will help former inmates navigate the transition from jail back into society by offering access to the services and support they may need to stabilize, stay healthy, regain self-sufficiency and break the cycle of recidivism."