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Cabat,  Erni
Cabeza de Baca, Ezequiel
Cabeza de Baca, Fabiola
Cabeza de Baca, Felipe
Cabeza de Baca, Francis
Cabeza de Baca, Harry
Cabeza de Baca, Tillie C.
Cabeza de Vaca, Alvarnunez
Cable, Mary
Cadieux, Charles L.
Caffrey, Kim
Cahn, Rolf
Caldwell, Bertha
Caledwell, Joseph
Cahoun, James S. (Governor)
Calkin, Brant
            SEE ALSO: Natural Resources
Calle, Paul
Calloway, Larry
Calvin, John
Calvin, Ross, R.
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse
Campbell, Jack M.
Campbell, Nancy
            SEE ALSO: Stamm, Allen
Campos, Santiago
Candelario, Jesus
Candelario, John S.
Cannon, T.C.
Caples, Richard
Carbajal, Richard A.
Cargo, David Francis
Carleton, James Henry
Carleton, Jetta
            SEE: Lyon, Jetta Carleton
Carlson, Alvar
Carlos, Juan, King of Spain
            SEE: Juan Carlos I. and Sofia
Carmody, David W.
Carnahan, Kelly
Carpenter, Kim and Krickitt
            SEE: Marriage
Carrillo, Charles
Carrillo, Graciela
Carroll, Mitchell
Carruthers, Garrey
Carson, “Kit” Christopher
Carson, George W.
Cartier, Jacques
Cartwright, Edward W.
Cary, Hollis
Casados, Don R.
Casados, Ernie
Cases, Bartolome de Las Fray
Casey, Linda Baca
Cash, Marie Romero
Cashman, Nellie
Casias, Miguel
Cassidy, Butch
Cassidy, Gerald
Cassidy, Ina Sizer
Castaneda, Carlos
Castellano, Joe Cruz
            SEE ALSO: Judges
            SEE ALSO: First Casa’s
Cstellano, Virginia
Castillo, Alivino
Castillo, Lionel J.
Cata, Regina – San Juan Pueblo
Catanach, Jimmy
Catanach, Leo D.
Cates, Brad
Cather, Willa
Catlin, George
Catron, Family (Thomas B.)
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Ring
Caudell, James A.
Caudhill, Sue E.
Celebrities in N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Movie Making in N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Names of Individuals
            SEE ALSO: Presidential Visits – N.M.
Cerletti, Michael
            SEE ALSO: Businesses Rancho Encantado
Chabot, Maria
Chacon, Alicia
Chacon, George
Chacon, Gerald
Chacon, Matias (Sen.)
Chacon, Soledad
Cahlee, Pop
Chambers, Marjorie Bell
Chandler, Caleb J. (Sen.)
Chaplin, Ronald L. (Rep.)
Chapman, Al
Chapman, Kenneth, Dr.
Chapman Walton
Chappell, Walter
Charlie, Dennia
Chase, Manly M.
Chaudet, Annette
Chauvenet, Beatrice
Chavarria, Juan
Chaves, Amado
Chavez, Angelico Fray
Chavez, Bob
Chavez, Cesar
Chavez, Dan
Chavez, David
Chavez, David
Chavez, Denise
Chavez, Dennis
Chavez, Eppie
Chavez, Fabian
Chavez, Felipe – El Millonario
Chavez, Francisco – Asasinated ex-sheriff
Chavez, Genoveva
Chavez, Col. Jose Francisco
Chavez, Joseph
Chavez, Ken
Chavez, Linda
Chavez, Manuel Antonio
Chavez, Margaret H.
Chavez, Margot
Chavez, Martin
            SEE ALSO: Albuquerque – Mayor and City Council
            SEE ALSO: Elections 1998
Chavez, Miguel
Chavez, Nat
Chavez, Peso
Chavez, Romualdo “Cuate”
Chavez, Santiago
Chavez, Thomas E.
            SEE ALSO: Museums – Palace of the Governors
Chavez, Tibo
Chavez, Tito D. (Senator)
Chavez, Ventura
Chavez, Willie M.
Cheek, Ronald
Chiba, Milan
Chicago, Judy
Chilton, Fred
Chino, Wendell
Chipley, Gene
Chisum, John Simpson
Chouleau, Augusts
Christensen, Chris
Church, Peggy Pond
Cia, Manuel Lopez
Cisneros, Henry
Cisneros, Jose
Cisneros, Sandra
Clancy, John. Capt.
Clapham, Bert and Eva
Clark, Allan
Clark, Ann D.
Clark, Ann Nolan
Clark, Joe M.
Clark, Robert
Clark, Willard
Claus, Ted
Clay, Henrietta
Clay, Willard
Clayton, Jan
Cleaveland, Agnes Morley
Cleaveland, Norman
Clemets, Dr. Charlie
            SEE: Peace Movements
Clever, Charles
Clift, William
Clifton, Hoyt
Cline, Dorothy I.
Clow, Barbara
Clum, John
Cobos, Ruben
Cochise – Apache Chief
Cochran, George McKee
Coe, Louise
Coffin, Doug
Coffin, Ton
Cohen, Joe
Cohen, Saul
Cohoe, Grey
Coke, Vanderen
Colburn, Walt
Cole, George Townsend
Coleman, Jane Candia
Coll, Max (Rep.)
Colleir, John
Collier, Nina
Collins, Charles
Collins, James L.
Coloradas, Mangas
Colter, Mary Elizabeth Jane
Columbus, Christopher
Condit, David L.
Connell, John
Connell, Will
Conway, John
Conway, Marilyn
Cook, Cecil W. (Rep.)
Cook, Howard
Cook, Mary Jean
Cook, Mary Lou
Cook, Richard
Cooke, Consuela (“Nena”)
Cooke, Philip St. George III
Cooper, Jill
            SEE: Udall, Tom
Cooper, Roberta
Cooper, Walter
Copple, Roger
Corbett, Roger
Cordero, Helen
Cordova, Benito
Cordova, Josephine Martinez
Coriz, Ernest
Coriz, Gilbert
Coriz, Santiago “Leo”
Corlett, Charles H. Maj. Gen.
Cornell, Harvey
Cornell, Sarah Louis
Coronado, Francisco Vazquez de
Cortes, Herman
Cortez, William
Coss, David
Costillo, Mae Chee
Counselor, Jim and Ann
Coues, Elliot
Couse, Eanger Irving
Cowles, Russell
Cox, Harold
Cox, Tim
Cox, Val
Craig, Vincent
Crain, Bobbye
Carne, Frances
Crater, W.T. “Mattie”
Crawford, Stanley
Crawford, Vanrue (Rep.)
Creeley, Robert
Crews, Judson
Crider, Normal
Crocchiola, Stanley Father
Crockett, Davy
Croix, Teodoro de
Cron, Dan
Crook, George Gen.
Crosby, Bob
Crosby, Louise
Cross, Doris
Crouch Nena
Cuesta, Benedicto
Culbert, Carolina Pickard
Cunningham, Eugene
Cupp, Dr. Lori
Curtin, Leanora
Curtis, Edward
Curtis, John
Curtis, Mary Todhunter
Curtis, Philip C.
Cusey, Mildred Clark
Cushing, Frank
Cushing, Howard
Cutting, Bronson