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Vertical Files Index: S

S - Sc

Sacramento, N.M.
Sagebrush Rebellion
Sailing in N.M.
Saint Catherine Indian School
            SEE: Santa Fe - Schools, Private - Saint Catherine Indian School
Saint Michael’s High School
            SEE: Santa Fe - Schools, Private - Saint Michael’s High School
Sales Tax
            SEE: Taxes, Gross Receipts
Saline Water Conservation
Salman Ranch - Raspberries
            SEE: Salman, David
Salmon Ruin’s Heritage park
Saloons - N.M.
Salt Lakes
Salvation Army - N.M.
Sam’s Club
            SEE: Businesses - Sam’s Club
San Augustin del Tucson
            SEE: Arizona - History
San Augustin, Plains of
San Cristobal, N.M.
San Gabriel, N.M.
San Geronimo, N.M.
San Isidro (Legend of)
San Jon, N.M.
San Jose, N.M.
San Juan Basin
            SEE ALSO: Bisti
            SEE ALSO: Indians - Navajo - Energy Resources
            SEE ALSO: Public Service Co. of N.M.
San Juan de los Caballeros
San Juan - Chama Water Diversion Project
San Luis Valley
San Marcial, N.M.
San Mateo (Village)
San Miguel County - Commission
            SEE: Las Vegas - Growth Issues
            SEE: San Miguel County - Government
San Miguel County - Elections
            SEE ALSO: Las Vegas - Elections
San Miguel County - Employees
            SEE: San Miguel County - Government
San Miguel County - General
San Miguel County - Jails
San Miguel County - Landfills
San Miguel County - Planning/Growth Issues
            SEE: Las Vegas - Growth Issues
San Miguel del Vado
San Pedro, N.M.
San Ysidro, N.M.
San and Gravel Operations
            SEE ALSO: Cook, Richard
Sandia Cave
            SEE: Caves
            SEE: Archaeology, Genera
Sandia Mountains
Sandia National Laboratory
Sandia Peak Ski Company
            SEE: Abruzzo, Ben
            SEE: Sandia Mountains
            SEE: Ski Areas
Sandoval County
Sand Paintings
            SEE: Indians - Navajo - Sand paintings
Sangre de Cristo Mental Health Services
            SEE: Health and Environment Dept. - Sangre de Cristo Dispute
Santa Clara Pueblo
            SEE: Indians - Pueblos - Santa Clara
Santa Cruz Lake
Santa Cruz, N.M.
Santa Fe
            SEE: Santa Fe Vertical Files
Santa Maria el Mirador Alcalde, N.M.
Santa Rita Mines
Santa Rosa, N.M.
Santa Rosa - Jails
            SEE: Corrections Dept. - Prison Construction Issues
            SEE: Guadalupe County - Jails
Santa Teresa, N.M.
Santuario de Guadalupe
            SEE: Churches - Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
Sapello, N.M.
Satanic Verses
            SEE: Censorship
            SEE: Cults
Save the Children
Savings and Loans
            SEE: Banks - Savings and Loans
Scandinavians in N.M.
Scholarships and Loans
            SEE: Educational Scholarships, Loans
Schola Cantorum
School Boards
            SEE: School Districts
School Breakfasts
            SEE: Nutrition
School Buses
            SEE: School  Transportation
School Districts
            SEE ALSO: Education - Funding Issues
            [Name of city/town] - School
School Dress Code
School Dropouts
            SEE ALSO: Educational Alternatives
            SEE ALSO: Parenting
            SEE ALSO: SER, Jobs for Progress
School Lunches
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Schools - Truancy
School  of American Research
School  Study Committee
            SEE: Legislative Education Study Committee
School Superintendents
SEE: Education, Dept. of
SEE: Education, State Board of
SEE: Leonard de Layo
SEE: [other individual’s names]
            SEE: Santa Fe - Schools - Superintendents
            SEE: School Districts
School Transportation
School Violence
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - School - High Schools - Violence
            SE ALSO: Santa Fe - Schools - Violence
School Vouchers
            SEE ALSO: Legislature (1999)
            SEE ALSO: Legislature - Special Session (1999)
Schools, Charter
            SEE: Educational Alternatives
Schools - Computers
            SEE: Educational Technology
Schools - Drug Issues
            SEE: Drugs - School Issues
Schools - Kindergartens
            SEE ALSO: Education, Preschool
Schools, Private
            SEE ALSO: Colleges and Universities
            SEE ALSO: [name of individual schools]
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Schools, Private
            SEE ALSO: School Vouchers
Schools - R.O.T.C.
Schools - Religious Issues
            SEE: Church/State Issues
Schools - Security Issues
            SEE: School Violence
Science and Technology Commercialization Commission
Science and Technology Advisory Committee
            SEE: Insects

Se - Sp

SEE: State Seal
Search and Rescue
Search Dogs
            SEE: Pets - Working Pets
Sears, Rebuck & Company
Seat Belt
            SEE: Motor Vehicles - Safety
Securities Division
Security Systems
SEE ALSO: Fire Prevention
            SEE: Native Plants
Segesser Hides
            SEE: Museums - Palace of the Governors - Segesser Hides
Senior Citizen
            SEE ALSO: Olympics, Senior
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Senior Citizens
Senior Coalition - N.M.
            SEE: Crime
            SEE: Drugs
            SEE: Homicides
            SEE: Rape
Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Sentencing Alternate
            SEE: Community Corrections
SER, Jobs for Progress
Seton Village
Settlement Patterns - N.M.
Sex Change
Sexual Harassment
            SEE ALSO: Sexual Offenders
Sexual Offenders
            SEE ALSO: Rape
            SEE ALSO: Sexual Harassment
Shakespeare, N.M.
            SEE: Ghost Towns - Shakespeare
Shalam, N.M.
Share with Wildlife
Sheep Ranching
Sheep, Barbary
            SEE: Exotic Game Animals
Sheep, Bighorn
            SEE: [name of county]
            SEE: Santa Fe County - Sheriff’s Department
Shidoni Foundry
            SEE: Businesses - Shidoni Foundry
Ships - Place Names
            SEE: [name of ship, i.e. USS Santa Fe]
            SEE ALSO: Guns and Gun Control
            SEE ALSO: Homicides
Shrine to Virginity
            SEE: Gutierrez, Amado and Marylinda E.
Sierra Blanca, Texas
Sierra Club
Sierra County
Signage Issues
            SEE: Billboard/Signage Issues
Silver City, N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Indians - Jewelry
Silvery Minnow
            SEE: Endangered Species
            SEE: Rio Grande - Water Rights/Water Diversion
Singer Company
            SEE: Businesses - Singer Company
Sister Cities - N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Sister City
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Bans
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Plaza
Ski Areas - New Mexico
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Ski Basin
            SEE ALSO: Taos Ski Valley
Ski Resorts
            SEE: Ski Areas - New Mexico
Ski Rio
SEE: Rio Costello
SEE: Ski Areas
Skiing - Cross Country
Skiing - Downhill
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Ski Basin
            SE ALSO: Ski Areas - New Mexico
            SEE ALSO: Taos Ski Valley
Skulls and Bones (Decorative)
Sky Islands
Slavery in N.M.
Small Business
Smith’s Food & Drug Centers
            SEE: Businesses - Smith’s Food & Drug
Smithsonian Institution
            SEE: Museums - Smithsonian
Smokey Bear
            SEE: Bears - Smokey
Smoking Issues
Snake Bridge
Snakes - The West
Social Responsibility Businesses
            SEE: Businesses - Social Responsibility
Social Work
Sociedad Protecion Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos
Society for Creative Anachronism
Socorro, N.M.
Socorro County
Soda Dam
            SEE: Jemez Mountains
Sodom on the Mora
            SEE: Loma Parda
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Soils and Soil Conservation
            SEE ALSO: Range Management
Sol y Sombr
            SEE ALSO: Permaculture
Solar Energy
Solar Generator
Sombrillo, N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Pojoaque/Espanola Valley Water and Sewage Issues
Sonic Booms
            SEE: Noise and Noise Pollution
South Broadway Cultural Center
            SEE: Albuquerque - South Broadway Cultural Center
South Valley
South Valley - Water Issues
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity
Southwest Consortium on Plant Genetics and Water Resources
Southwest Forest Alliance
Southwest organizing Project
Southwest research and Information Center
Southwest Research Center of Northern N.M.
            SEE: Taos - Libraries
Southwestern Association on Indian Arts (SWAIA)
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Indian Market
Southwestern College
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
Space Age Technology
            SEE: White Sands Missile Range
Space Commercialization, N.M. Office of
            SEE ALSO: White Sands Missile Range
Space Flight/Space Technology
            SEE: Astronomy
            SEE: High Technology
            SEE: Los Alamos national Laboratory - Projects Technology
            SEE ALSO: White Sands Missile Range
Space Museum
            SEE: Museums - International Space Hall of Fame
Spanish American Folklore
            SEE: Folklore
Spanish American War
            SEE: Roosevelt’s Rough Riders
Spanish Americans
            SEE: Hispanics
Spanish Black Legend
            SEE: Spanish Exploration and Rule in America
Spanish Colonial Art
            SEE: Folk Art - Spanish Colonial
Spanish Colonial Arts Society
            SEE ALSO: Spanish Market
Spanish Enlistment Papers 1732-1820
Spanish Exploration and Rule in America
Spanish Jews
            SEE: Jews, Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Manuscripts
Spanish Market
            SEE: Santa Fe - Spanish Market
Spanish Missions
            SEE ALSO: Churches
Spanish Proverbs
            SEE: Dichos
Spanish Resource Center
Speed Limit
Spies in N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Howard, Edward L.
            SEE ALSO: Los Alamos National Laboratory - Security Issues
            SEE ALSO: Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel
Sports - College
Sports - General
            SEE ALSO: [name of sport]
            SEE ALSO: Olympic Games
Sports - High School
            SEE ALSO: Espanola - Schools
            SEE ALSO: Las Vegas - Schools
            SEE ALSO: Pojoaque - Schools
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Schools - High Schools - Sports
            SEE ALSO: Taos - Schools
Sports - Triathlons
Spotted Owl Controversy
            SEE: Endangered Species
            SEE: Timber Sales - [subheadings]
            SEE: Woodcutting
            SEE: Albuquerque - Growth Issues
            SEE: Growth Issues - N.M.
            SEE: Santa Fe - Growth
Springer, N.M.

St - Su

St. Anthony’s Home for Boys
            SEE: Orphanages
St. John’s College
            SEE ALSO: Murals
            SEE ALSO: Vigil, Frederico M.
St. Catherine Indian School
            SEE: Santa Fe - Schools
            SEE: Santa Fe – Schools - Private - Saint Catherine Indian School
St. Michael’s High School
            SEE: Santa Fe - Schools
            SEE: Private - Saint Michael’s High School
            SEE: Transportation - Stagecoach
Staked Plains
            SEE: Llano Estacode
            SEE ALSO: Homicides - Zamora, Gloria (Santa Fe)
Stanley, N.M.
Star Axis
SEE: Ross, Charles
Star Wars
            SEE ALSO: White Sands Missile Range
Starvation Peak
State Auditor
State Aviation Bureau
State Bird, State Flower, Etc.
            SEE: State Symbols
State Board of Finance - N.M.
State Buildings
            SEE ALSO: Capitol
            SEE ALSO: Capitol Complex
State Disaster
State Employees
State Employees - Commuter Association
State Employees - Insurance
State Engineer
State Fair
State Fair, Clippings
State Flag
State Forests
State Game Commission - N.M.
State Government Organization Chart
State Government Reorganization
State Hospital - N.M.
            SEE: Las Vegas Medical Center
State Investment Council
State Land Office
State Lands
State Library - N.M.
State Livestock Board
State  Memorial Stone
State Monuments
            SEE ALSO: State Parks and Monuments
State Motto/Name/Slogans
State Officials
State Organization Charts
            SEE: State Government Organization Charts
State Parks and Monuments
State Parks - Elephant Butte
State Parks - Fenton Lake
State Parks - Fort Sumner
State Parks - Heron Lake
State Parks - Hyde Park
            SEE: Hyde, Benjamin Talbot Babbit (Uncle Benny)
State Parks - Pancho Villa State Park
            SEE: Villa, Francisco (Pancho)
State Parks - Red Rocks
State Parks - Rockhound
State Personnel Board
State Personnel Dept.
States Planning Office
State Poem
            SEE: State Symbols
State Police
            SEE ALSO: Emergency Management
State Property Control Division
State Racing Commission
State Records and Archives
State Seal
State Secretary of N.M.
State Song
            SEE: Songs
State Symbols
            SEE ALSO: State Flag
            SEE ALSO: State Motto/Name/Slogans
            SEE ALSO: State Seal
            SEE ALSO: State Song
State Treasurer
Statehood - Celebrations
            SEE ALSO: N.M. Diamond Jubilee
Statehood, Struggle for
Statistics - Children/Youth
Statistics - Crime
Statistics - Economic
Statistics - Health/Safety
Statistics - Misc.
Statistics - Pamphlets
Storytellers (Pottery)
Strategic Defense Initiative Projects
            SEE: Star Wars
Street Cars
Street Names
            SEE: Santa Fe - Streets and Parking
Students - Test Scores
            SEE: Educations - Test Scores
Subdivision Issues
            SEE: Albuquerque - Developments
            SEE: Land Developments
            SEE: Santa Fe - Developments
Sun Standard Inc.
            SEE: Businesses - Sun Standard Inc.
Sunland Park
Sunrise Springs Resort
            SEE: Businesses - Sunrise Springs Resort
Sunshine State (Origin of Term)
SEE: State Motto/Name/Slogan
Sunspot, N.M.
Super Collider
Superfund Sites
Superstition Mountains
SEE: Mountains
Supreme Courts, N.M.
Surviving Columbus
            SEE: Indians - Media
Sustainable Agriculture/Developments
Swiss in N.M.
Symbols, N.M. State of
            SEE: State Symbols
            SEE: State Seal
            SEE: State Flag
            SEE: State Motto
            SEE: State Song