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Vertical Files Index: C

C - CL

            SEE: Civilian Conservation Corps
Cabezon Peak
Cabinet Secretaries
            SEE ALSO: Boards & Commissions
            SEE ALSO: [Names of Individual Agencies or Commissions]
Cactus Jelly Recipe
            SEE: Valle Grande
            SEE: Volcanoes
California Overland Express
Camel Rock
Camino Real
            SEE: Trails - El Camino Real
Camp Cody
            SEE: Deming, N.M.
Campaign Reform
            SEE ALSO: Governmental Ethics
Camps and Camping
Canada Alamosa
Canada de los Alamos, N.M.
            SEE: Diseases - Cancer
Canjilon, N.M. and Canjilon Lakes
            SEE: Transportation - Water
Canoncito, N.M.
Capital Punishment
            SEE: Death Penalty
Capitan, N.M.
Capitol Complex
Capulin Mountain
            SEE: National monument - Capulin Mountain
Carlisle, N.M.
            SEE: Ghost Towns - Carlisle
Carlsbad, N.M.
Carrizozo, N.M.
Carson National Forest
            SEE: National Forests - Carson
Carson, N.M.
Casa Grande
            SEE: National Monuments - Casa Grande
Catholic Church - General
            SEE ALSO: Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Catholic Church - Education
Catholic Church - La Conquistadora
Catholic Church - Nuns
Catholic Church - Priests
Catron County
            SEE: Pets
Cattle Brands
Cattle Industry and Trade
            SEE ALSO: Grazing
            SEE ALSO: Ranches & Ranching
            SEE ALSO: Range Management
Cattle Mutilation
Cebolleta, N.M.
Cellular Towers
            SEE: Telecommunications Towers
Cemeteries - Fairview
Cemeteries - National
Census Items
            SEE: Population - Census
Centennial Anniversary of Independence
Center for Contemporary Arts
            SEE: Santa Fe - Center for Contemporary Arts
Center for Creative Community
Center for the Book - N.M.
Center for Transportation and Air Quality
Central, N.M.
Cerrillos, N.M.
Chaco Canyon
            SEE: National Monuments - Chaco Canyon
Challenge New Mexico
            SEE: Handicapped in New Mexico
Chama Land and Cattle Co.
            SEE ALSO: Elk
Chama River
            SEE Rio Chama
Chama, N.M.
Chambers of Commerce
            SEE ALSO: Albuquerque - Chamber of Commerce
            SEE ALSO: Espanola - Chamber of Commerce
            SEE ALSO: Hispano Chamber of Commerce
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Chamber of Commerce
Chamisal, N.M.
Chamita, N.M.
Chamizal Settlement
Chaperiot, N.M.
Charitable Organizations (General)
            SEE ALSO: Educational Scholarships, Loans
            SEE ALSO: Foundations - N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Fraternal Organizations
            SEE ALSO: National Endowment for the Arts
            SEE ALSO: New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities
            SEE ALSO: Western States Arts Federation
Charitable Organizations - United Way
Chautauquas in New Mexico
Chavez County
Cheese Making/Cheese Factories
            SEE: Dairy Industry
Chicano Art
            SEE: Murals
Chicano Educations
            SEE Education - Hispanics
Chicano Movement
            SEE ALSO: Hispanics
            SEE ALSO: Mexican - Americans
Chicano Organizations
            SEE: Hispanic Organizations
Chicano Studies Research Center - Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Chicosa Lake
            SEE: State Parks
Child Abuse
Child Care
            SEE: Day Care
            SEE: Educations
            SEE: Preschool
Child Support
Children’s Committee
            SEE: Children, Youth & Family Department
Children’s Trust Fund
Children, Youth & Family Department
Children - Health Care
            SEE: Health Care Issues - Children
Children - N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Foster Care
            SEE ALSO: Parenting
            SEE ALSO: Parental Care
            SEE ALSO: Statistics - Children/Youth
            SEE ALSO: Youth
Children’s Code - N.M.
Chile (Food)
            SEE: Food (Chile)
Chilili, N.M.
Chimayo Murders
            SEE: Homicides - Chimayo Massacre
Chimayo, N.M.
Chimayo - Santuario
Chinese in N.M.
            SEE: Asians in N.M.
Chino Mines
            SEE: Businesses - Phelps Dodge
Chise, N.M.
            SEE: Ghost Towns - Chise
Chisholm Trails
            SEE: Trails
Chloride, N.M.
            SEE: Ghost Towns - Chloride
Christ of the Desert - Monasteries
            SEE: Monasteries
Christmas Customs
            SEE ALSO: Indians - Christmas Traditions
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Christmas
Christmas - Farolitos & Luminarias
Christmas in April
Christmas Music
Christmas Poems
Christmas Tree for Capitol, Washington, CD
            SEE: Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees
Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Celebration
            SEE: Columbus, Christopher
Chupadero, N.M.
Church Rock Nuclear Spill
            SEE: Indians - Radiation Issues
            SEE: Uranium Mining - Tailings Clean-up
Church/State Issues
Churches - Catholic
            SEE: Catholic Church
Churches - Cristo Rey (Santa Fe)
Churches - Episcopalian
            SEE: Episcopalians in N.M.
Churches - Historic - General
Churches - Historic - Individual Churches
Churches - Historic - Pamphlets
Churches - Historic - Preservation Efforts
Churches - Loretto Chapel
Churches - Methodist
            SEE: Methodists in N.M.
Churches - Presbyterian
            SEE: Presbyterians in N.M.
Churches - Ranchitos de Taos Church
Churches - St. Anthony’s
Churches - Saint Francis Cathedral
Churches - San Felipe de Neri (Albuquerque)
Churches - San Jose de Gracia (Trampas)
Churches – San Miguel (Santa Fe)
Churches – San Miguel Mission (Socorro)
Churches - San Rafael (La Cueva)
Churches – Santa Cruz de la Canada
Churches – Santa Cruz and St. Mary’s (Ojo Caliente)
Churches – Santa Maria de la Paz (Santa Fe)
Churches – Santuraio (Chimayo)
            SEE: Chimayo – Santuario
Churches – Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Santa Fe)
Cibola County
            SEE: La Cienega
La Cieneguilla
Cimarron, N.M.
Cinco de Mayo
Circus in New Mexico
Cities & Towns
Civic Convention Center
            SEE: Santa Fe – Conventions
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Rights
Civil War – N.M.
Civilian Conservation Corp
            SEE: U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps
Clayton, N.M.
Cleveland, N.M.
Climatological Data
            SEE: Weather, Santa Fe – Weather
Clines Corners, N.M.
Clothing and Dress
Cloudcroft, N.M.
Clovis Man
            SEE: Archaeology – Clovis Man & Other Early Man Sites
Clovis, N.M.
Club Luna
            SEE: Santa Fe – Nightclubs
Club West
            SEE: Santa Fe – Nightclubs


Coal in N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Businesses - Pittsburgh & Midway Coal Mining
Coal Surface Mining Commission, N.M.
Coalition for Prisoner’s Rights
Coast Artillery 200th
            SEE: Bataan March
Coat of Arms
            SEE: Names, Personal
Chochiti Lake & Dam
Cochiti Pueblo
            SEE: Indians – Pueblos – Cochiti
Cochiti, N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Indians – Pueblos Cochiti
Cock Fighting
Cogeneration (Power Plant)
Colcha Stitch
Colfax County
Colfax County War
Collaborative Efforts
College of Santa Fe
College of the Southwest (Hobbs)
Colleges of Santa Fe – Libraries
Colleges - College of St. Josephs on the Rio Grande
Colleges – Northern N.M. Community College
Colleges - St. Johns
Colleges – St. Johns College – Booklists
Colleges and Universities
            SEE ALSO: [Name of Individual Institutions]
Colonial N.M. Historical Foundation
            SEE ALSO: Rancho de las Golondrinas
Colonias de Santa Fe Project
            SEE: Indians – Pueblos – Tesuque
Colonia in New Mexico
Colonias, N.M.
Coronado – Gambling
Colorado (General)
Colorado – Mining Towns
Colorado Plateau
Colorado River
            SE: Rivers – Colorado
Columbine Hondo Wilderness
Columbus, N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Villa, Francisco (Pancho)
            SEE: Indians – Comanches
Commerce & Industry, Association of
            SEE: Association of Commerce & Industry
Commerce and Industry Dept.
            SEE ALSO: Economic Development Dept., Successor, Established 7/1/83
Commission on Higher Education
            SEE ALSO: Colleges & Universities
Commissions – General
            SEE: Boards and Commissions
Community Affairs Office
Community Colleges
Community Corrections
Community Development Council/Block Grants
Community Schools
            SEE: Educational Alternatives
Community Supported Agriculture
            SEE: Cooperatives
            SEE ALSO: Educational Technology
            SEE ALSO: Internet
SEE ALSO: Los Alamos National Laboratory – Computers
Computers – YSK Issues
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (CCNS)
            SEE: Nuclear Protest
Conchas Dan & Lake
Conflict of Interest
Congressional Medal of Honor
Conservancy Districts
            SEE: Environmental Issues
            SEE: Wildlife
            SEE: Land Use
            SEE: Water Resources
Conservation Easements
            SEE: Land Trust
Conservation Voters Alliance
            SEE: New Mexico Conservation Voters Alliance
Constitutional Amendments
Constitutional Convention 1910
Constitutional Convention 1969
Constitutional Revision Commission (1995)
Construction Industries
Consumer Education/Protection
            SEE ALSO: Scams
Contemporary Scene
            SEE ALSO: Growth Issues
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe – Growth
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Problems
Controls for Environmental Pollution, Inc.
            SEE: Businesses – Control for Environmental Pollution, Inc.
Cookie (state)
            SEE: Food – Bizcochito
Cooking Schools
Cooperation Between Groups
            SEE: Collaborative Efforts
Cooperatives – Ganados del Valle & Tierra Wools
Copar Pumice Mine
            SEE: Pumice
Copper Mines & Mining
            SEE ALSO: Businesses – Phelps Dodge
SEE ALSO: Mines and Mineral resources
Cordova, N.M.
Cornerstone Foundation
Coronado Cuarto (Centennial)
            SEE: Coronado, Francisco Vazquez de
Coronado State Monument
            SEE: State Parks & Monuments
Corporation Commission
            SEE ALSO: Public Regulatory Commission (to be est. 1/99)
SEE ALSO: Serna, Eric
SEE ALSO: Tristani, Gloria
            SEE: Businesses
            SEE: Albuquerque – Businesses
            SEE Santa Fe – Businesses
Corrales, N.M.
Corrections Department
            SEE ALSO: Community Corrections
            SEE ALSO: Corrections Department – [Various Subheadings]
            SEE ALSO: Penitentiary [and subheadings]
Corrections Department – Alternative to Incarcerations
            SEE: Community Corrections
Corrections Department – County Grand Jury Reports
Corrections Department - Duran Decree
Corrections Department – Early Release
            SEE: Community Corrections
Corrections Department – Health Care Issues
Corrections Department – Las Cruces Facility
Corrections Department – Los Lunas Facility
Corrections Department – Prison Construction Issues
            SEE ALSO: Jails & Detention Centers – Prisoner Transfers
Corrections Department – Prisoner Transfers
Corrections Department – Privatization Issues
Corrections Department – Staff Issues
Corrections Department – Women’s Facility
Corrections Industries
            SEE: Poems
Costilla County (Colorado)
            SEE: San Luis Valley
Costilla, N.M.
Council on International Relations
Counties (General)
            SEE ALSO: Names of Individual Counties
County Boundaries
County Extension Service
            SEE: Extension Service, County
County Land Area
            SEE: Land Area
Courts (Other than Supreme Court)
Coyote Fences
            SEE: First Aid
            SEE: Evolution
Credit Unions
Crime and Criminals
            SEE ALSO: Corrections Dept.
            SEE ALSO: Espanola – Crime
            SEE ALSO: Hangings
            SEE ALSO: Homicides
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe – Crime
            SEE ALSO: Statistics – Crime
            SEE ALSO: Taos – Crime
Crime and Criminals – Historical
Crime Lab
Crime Prevention Commission, Governor’s Organized
Crime Stoppers
Crime Victims Reparation Commission
Criminal Justice Dept.
Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center
Criminal Justice Study Committee
Crimes - Unsolved
Crisis Response
            SEE: Emergency Management
Critical Incident Stress Management Team
            SEE: Emergency Management
            SEE ALSO: Descansos
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Cross of the Martyrs
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Crown Point, N.M.
Crystal, N.M.
Cuartelez, N.M.
Cuarto Centenario
            SEE: Onate, Juan de
Cuba, N.M.
Cubero, N.M.
Cuchillo, N.M.
Cultural Affairs, Office of
            SEE ALSO: Art Commission
            SEE ALSO: Historic Preservation
            SEE ALSO: Museums [Name of the museum]
            SEE ALSO: State Library
Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Cundiyo, N.M.
Curry County
Cuyamungue (Village)