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H - HL

            SEE: Home Education Livelihood Program
Habitat for Humanity
Hachita, N.M.
Hale-Bopp Comet
SEE: Astronomy - Hale-Bopp Comet
Hall of Fame - N.M.
SEE: Historical Society of N.M.
Halley’s Comet
Handicapped in N.M.
SEE ALSO: Blind - N.M.
SEE ALSO: Deaf - N.M.
SEE ALSO: Mental Retardation
SEE ALSO: New Vistas
SEE ALSO: Olympics, Special
SEE ALSO: Pets, Working
            SEE: Arts & Crafts
Hands Across America
Hands Work
            SEE: Businesses - The Hands Work
Hang Gliders
Hantavirus Disease
            SEE: Disease - Hantavirus
Harding County
Harmonic Convergence
Harvey Girls & Fred Harvey Enterprises
Harwood Foundation
            SEE: Museums - Harwood Foundation
            SEE: Taos - Libraries
Hatch, N.M.
Hate Crimes
            SEE ALSO: Discrimination
            SEE ALSO: Homosexuals
Hats, Western
            SEE: Western Hats
Hawk Watch International
            SEE: Birds - Hawks
Hazardous Materials
            SEE ALSO: Asbestos
            SEE ALSO: Hazardous Waste
            SEE ALSO: PCB’s
            SEE ALSO: Radioactive Waste
Hazardous Materials - Transportation
            SEE ALSO: WIPP - Transportation
Hazardous Waste
            SEE ALSO: Superfund
Head start
            SEE: Education, Pre-school
Health & Environment Dept. (to 1991)
            SEE ALSO: Environment Department
            SEE ALSO: Health Department (1991- )
Health & Environment Dept. - Sangre de Cristo Dispute
Health Care Centers/Organization/Practitioners
SEE ALSO: Alternative Medicine
SEE ALSO: Curandera
SEE ALSO: Nursing
SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Alternative Medicine
Health Care Centers - Women’s Health Services
Health Care Insurance & HMO’s
            SEE ALSO: Businesses - Lovelace
            SEE ALSO: Businesses - Presbyterian Medical Services
            SEE ALSO: Health Care Issues in N.M.
Health Care Issues - Children
Health Care Issues - Medicare/Medicaid
Health Care Issues - N.M.
Health Department
            SEE ALSO: Health & Environment Dept.
            SEE ALSO: Medical Investigator Office
Health Policy Commission
            SEE: Health Care Issues in N.M.
Health Policy Initiative
            SEE: Health Care Issues
Health Resorts - Watering Places, etc.
            SEE: Hot Springs
Health - Statistics
            SEE: Statistics - Health/Safety
Health Studies
            SEE ALSO: Diseases
Healy Matthews Stationers
            SEE: Businesses - Healy-Matthews Stationers
            SEE: Otero County
Hell Canyon-Manzano Mountains
            SEE: Manzano Mountains
Hemlock Society
            SEE: Euthanasia
            SEE: Diseases - Hepatitis
SEE ALSO: Pesticides
Herencia de Nortenos Unidos
            SEE: Treaty of Guadalupe - Hidalgo
Hermit’s Peak
            SEE: Agostiniani, Giovanni Maria
Hermosa, N.M.
            SEE: Ghosts Towns - Hermosa
Hernandez, N.M.
Heron Lake
            SEE: State Parks - Heron lake
Hidalgo County
High Road to Taos
            SEE: Taos - Streets & Highways
High Rolls - Mountain Park, N.M.
High Technology - N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Businesses - [Name of Business]
            SEE ALSO: Los Alamos national Laboratory - Projects & Tech Transfer
            SEE ALSO: Sandia National Laboratory
            SE ALSO: Technology Transfer
Higher Ed. Dept.
Highlands University (Las Vegas, N.M.)
Highway Department
            SEE ALSO: Billboard Control
            SEE ALSO: PCB’s
            SEE ALSO: Roads
            SEE: Roads
Hillsboro, N.M.
            SEE ALSO: Orchard, Sadie
            SEE LASO: Communes
Hispanic Artists
            SEE ALSO: Folk Art - Spanish Colonial
            SEE ALSO: Museums - International Folk Art
            SEE ALSO: Murals
            SEE ALSO: [Names of Artists]
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Spanish Market
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Winter Market
Hispanic Cultural Center
Hispanic Culture Foundation
Hispanic Heritage Week/Month
Hispanic Organizations
            SEE ALSO: [Names of Individual Organizations]
Hispanics - General
            SEE ALSO: English as Official Language Issues
            SEE ALSO: Farm Workers
            SEE ALSO: Immigration
            SEE ALSO: [Names of Organizations]
            SEE ALSO: Spanish Language
Hispanics - General - Clippings
Hispanics - New Mexico
Hispano Chamber of Commerce
Historic Celebrations
            SEE: Celebrations
            SEE: Fiestas
            SEE: Matanza
            SEE: [Name of Individual Town or Historic Person]
Historic Houses
            SEE: Buildings, Historic
            SEE: Santa Fe - Buildings, Historic
Historic Preservation Division
Historic Sites (Indian)
            SEE: Indians - Historic Sites
Historical Monuments
Historical Societies - General
Historical Society of New Mexico
Historical Society of Santa Fe
History of New Mexico
            SEE ALSO: Biographies of Individuals
            SEE ALSO: Mexican Period
            SEE ALSO: Names of Cities and Towns
            SEE ALSO: Spanish Exploration and Rule


Hobbs Commission
            SEE: State Government Reorganization
Hobbs, N.M.
Hobbs - Jails
            SEE: Corrections Dept. - Prison Construction Issues
            SEE: Corrections Dept. - Privatization Issues
            SEE: Lea County - Jails
            SEE ALSO: Celebrations
            SEE ALSO Christmas
            SEE ALSO: Cinco de Mayo
            SEE ALSO: Easter
            SEE ALSO: Fiestas
            SEE ALSO: Thanksgiving
Holloman Air Force Base
            SEE: Air Force Bases - Holloman
Holman, N.M.
Holy Tortilla
            SEE: Apparitions
Home Businesses
Home Education Livelihood Program
Home Rule
Home Schooling
            SEE ALSO: Albuquerque - Homeless
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Homeless
Homesteads and Homesteading
Homicides, General
            SEE ALSO: Crimes, Unsolved
            SEE ALSO: Homicides, A-Z (by envelope)
            SEE ALSO: Homicides - By Name (Victim)
            SEE ALSO: Missing Persons
            SEE ALSO: Shootings
Homicides - A-Z [by victim’s last name]
Homicides - Akin, James (Mountainair)
Homicides - Anderson, Eugene (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Armijo, Cynthia (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Ashley, James (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Baca, Reymunda (Albuquerque)
Homicides - Barker, Tracy (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Beasley, Clay (Chama)
Homicides - Benoit, Janet (Arvada, Colo.)
Homicides - Berman, Angela (Las Vegas)
Homicides - Bouwens, Micael (Denver Truck Driver)
Homicides - Braunlick, Karon “Roni” (Taos)
Homicides - Brown, Marie & Ed (Rio Rancho)
Homicides - Burmeister, William (Las Vegas)
Homicides - Casados, Tommy (Tio)
Homicides - Castanon, Karen and Richard Martinez (Espanola)
Homicides - Chacon, Emilio (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Chandler, Marian Arietta (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Chavez, Vicky (Farmington)
Homicides - Chimayo Murders
Homicides - Cordova, Rafael Humberto (Espanola)
Homicides - Cordova, Terri & Leroy Martinez (Espanola)
Homicides - Corriz. Gilbert (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Davis, Freeman Lee (Lindrith)
Homicides - Delarue, Diego Duran (Colorado)
Homicides - Dominovich, Richard & Gilbert (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Dukeminier, Roy (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Farley, Robert Steven (Roswell)
Homicides - Farrar, Ray (Espanola)
Homicides - Garcia, Dale (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Gonzales, Audrey (Espanola)
Homicides - Gonzales, Ramona (Cerrillos)
Homicides - Gonzales, Annette Marie (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Goodrun, Samuel Henry (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Gore, Dena Lynn (Artesia)
Homicides - Hafner, Terry Eileen (Taos)
Homicides - Johnson, Ella (Aztec)
Homicides - Kirkham, Jacqueline (Zuma Beach, CA. - Killed by Pojoaque Youths)
Homicides - Lopez, Allen & Adrian (Lovington)
Homicides - Lovato, Remigio, Sr. (Ojo Caliente)
Homicides - Lucero, Arcenio (Trujillo)
Homicides - Manzanares, Josephine (Santa Cruz)
Homicides - Martinez, Annette
            SEE: Homicides - Rodriguez Guy
Homicides - Martinez, Armando Rev.
Homicides - Martinez Donald (Espanola)
Homicides - Martinez, Isaac (San Ildefonso Pueblo)
Homicides - Martinez, Jose Dario (Hernandez) & Montoya, Jennie (Sombrillo)
Homicides - Martinez, Pierre (Albuquerque)
Homicides - Martinez, Richard (Espanola)
            SEE: Homicides - Castanon, Karen
Homicides - Mass, Pamela (Cerrillos)
Homicides - Matthew, Gregory (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Montoya, Abelino (Las Vegas)
Homicides - Morales, Moise, Jr. (Espanola)
Homicides - Moseley, Bill (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Moya, Jose (Santa Cruz)
Homicides - Banda, Jesus (Santa Cruz)
Homicides - Boger, William (Santa Cruz)
Homicides - Mulvaney, Terri Lynn (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Murillo, Luis Alarcon (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Oelcher, Jeff (Rio Rancho)
Homicides - Ortega, Francisco “Poncho” (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Ortiz, Tiodoro “Ted” (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Pittington, Teal (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Quintana, Michelle (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Radecki, Chester (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Rodriguez, Herman (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Noah (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Romero, Carlos Santiago (Santa Fe Fiestas 1996)
            SEE ALSO: Gangs
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Fiestas (2nd box)
Homicides - Romero Chris (Taos)
Homicides - Romero, Mary Ann (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Ross, Joseph (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Roybal Steven (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Salazar Melissa (Espanola)
Homicides - Sanchez, Abigail (Espanola)
Homicides - Sanchez, Erik (Espanola)
Homicides - Savedra, Michael (San Bernadino, CA Killed in Santa Fe)
Homicides - Shoen, Eva (Montrose, CO)
Homicides - Sena, Martin (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Serna, Tony (Taos)
Homicides - Smith, Eric Star (Moriarty)
Homicides -  Tapia, Annie (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Teran, Steve, Paula, Valerie; Houser, Amy (Las Cruces)
Homicides - Trujillo, Jeanette (Hernandez)
Homicides - Ulibarri, Demecio (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Valerio, Venessa (Rio Chama)
Homicides - Vialpando, Samuel Sr. (Velarde)
Homicides - Video Store Slayings (Albuquerque)
Homicides - Vigil, Carlos (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Vigil, Kevin
            SEE: Homicides - Rodriguez, Guy
Homicides - Vigil, Michael T. (Ojo Caliente)
Homicides - Vigil, Paul (Taos)
Homicides - Wagner, Wendy (Glorieta)
Homicides - Wallace, Susan (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Young, Deidra (Santa Fe)
Homicides - Zamora, Gloria (Santa Fe)
            SEE ALSO: Stalking
Homicides - Zotigh-Cable, Steven Jr. (Taos)
Hondo Forest Fire
            SEE: Fires - Forest - Hondo Forest Fire
Hope, N.M.
Hopewell, N.M.
            SEE: Ghost Towns - Hopewell
Horned Toads
Horrell War
Horse Games & Shows
Horse Racings
            SEE ALSO: Gambling - Horse Racing Issues
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe Downs
Horses - General
Horses - Wild
            SEE ALSO: Burros
            SEE ALSO: Horses - General
Horse Shoeing
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Hospitals
Hostages from New Mexico
Hot Air Ballooning
            SEE ALSO: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Hot Springs
            SEE ALSO: Jemez Springs
            SEE ALSO: Ojo Caliento
Hot Springs, N.M.
            SEE: Truth or Consequences, NM
Hotels - Historic
Hotels - Modern
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Hotels
            SEE ALSO: Businesses - [Name of Hotel]
SEE ALSO: Unions - Hotel Workers
            SEE ALSO: Santa Fe - Housing
Huichol Indians
            SEE: Indians - Huichol
Human Genome Project
            SEE: Genome Resources, National Center for
Human Radiation Experiments
            SEE: Radiation - Cold War Tests
Human Rights Commission - N.M.
Human Services Department
Humor - New Mexico
            SEE LASO: Santa Fe - Humor
Hunger Issues
Hurley, N.M.
Hydro Power
            SEE LASO: Dams
            SEE: Therapists