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Interlibrary Loan Policies & Procedures: Eligibility and Registration

This is a guide to the requirements and policies for using InterLibrary Loan through the New Mexico State Library.


Who is eligible for Interlibrary Loan with New Mexico State Library?

New Mexico Libraries

Public libraries, tribal libraries, and correctional facilities in the state of New Mexico are eligible to use the NMSL Interlibrary Loan services as long as they agree to and observe all of the policies described in this Interlibrary Loan LibGuide.


(For more info on the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States visit this site.)


If your library does not have an account with us and would like to sign up for ILL services please contact (505) 476-9716 or email and we will set up an account for you. 


State Employees

Current employees of the New Mexico State Government are welcome and encouraged to sign up for New Mexico State Library Interlibrary Loan services for obtaining research materials. You must have a current government-issued email address so that we may confirm your eligibility and you must agree to and observe the policies described in this LibGuide.


(For more info on the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States visit this site.)


State government employees that do not already have an account can register here. The registration form should be filled out using the employee's personal work information including: work address, work phone number, and work email address.


Independent Researchers

Individuals who are not a state employee but are working on independent research involving New Mexico State Library collections such as Federal documents; New Mexico State documents; or Southwest history, culture, or genealogy can order items through Interlibrary Loan at the New Mexico State Library in Santa Fe.


(For more info on the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States visit this site.)


A librarian will take the researcher's name and contact information, and make the request through a general reference account on the researcher's behalf. The library will contact the researcher using the provided contact information (either by phone or by email) once the requested material has arrived and is available for pickup at the New Mexico State Library.

State Grants-in-Aid

Public libraries that wish to qualify for State Grants-in-Aid must provide free Interlibrary Loan services to their patrons.  You can ask your patrons to pay the return shipping costs for an item, but you cannot charge them a fee.

You can read more about state grants for public libraries on the State Library's webpage.

State Grants-in-Aid are governed by the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 4.5.2.