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Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application for Public Libraries: Overview

A guide for New Mexico public libraries to refer to when completing the Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application



What is the Annual Report?

  • New Mexico participates in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Public Library Survey (a.k.a Annual Report), which is a federal survey used to collect data from U.S. public libraries.
    • Examples of collected data: revenue, expenditures, number of library visits, number of circulations, collection size, hours open, staffing, technology, etc.
  • Data has been collected annually since 1988.
  • Approximately 9,000 U.S. public libraries with about 17,000 branches submit surveys.
    • The New Mexico State library currently recognizes 98 public and tribal public libraries across the state. This number includes developing public libraries.

When is the Annual Report Completed?

  • The survey is completed annually and opens July 1 and runs through mid-August.
  • Data collected covers the previous fiscal year’s activities (July 1 through June 30).

Why is the Annual Report Completed?

  • Completing and submitting the Annual Report serves as a recognized public library's application for State Grants-in-Aid.
  • Information provided in the Annual Report must be complete and accurate.
  • All recognized New Mexico public libraries Annual Reports will be checked for accuracy.
    • Inaccurate information may affect state aid eligibility.
  • Data collected is used to observe when, where, and how library services are changing to meet public needs.
  • The IMLS compiles collected data into a national annual report. See reports online at the website under publications.  
  • Information collected is useful to not only the libraries, but to federal, state & local policymakers, etc. for planning, funding, evaluation, policy making, and supporting libraries.

How is the Annual Report Completed?

  • Surveys are completed online using Baker & Taylor’s Bibliostat CollectConnect.
  • Username and password are required.
    • Username and password stay the same each year and are are emailed to library director's as July 1 approaches.
  • Useful information for completing the Annual Report can be found on the New Mexico State Library website --> Quick Links Menu --> NM Public Libraries Annual Reports. PLEASE NOTE that the page for Annual Reports on the NMSL website are not current. Use this LibGuide for the most current information until further notice.

Contact the New Mexico State Library Development Bureau with any questions, 1-800-340-3890 or