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Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application for Public Libraries: Important Information

A guide for New Mexico public libraries to refer to when completing the Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application

Important Information

Federally required questions appear in NAVY font. State questions and appear in BLACK font. This helps determine which tab to leave a required detailed note  explaining a response. NAVY font = detailed note in FEDERAL tab / BLACK font = detailed note in STATE tab.

  • Auto-Totals: Questions in dark red with shaded gray answer boxes are totals automatically calculated from answers supplied in previous question fields. The only way to change these totals is to change the responses in the corresponding questions that relate to the Total field and clicking “Update.” Corresponding questions are in parentheses.
  • Blank Answers: All applicable fields must contain data before the survey can be submitted. If a question does not apply to the library, or if the library does not collect/maintain the information asked in the question, enter N/A for not applicable. Only enter a “0” if the answer is truly zero. PLEASE NOTE: All questions in Section K should remain blank IF the library is not a Tribal Public Library / All questions in the Branches section of Section L should remain blank IF the library does not have any library branches. There is no need to enter 0 or N/A.
  • Estimates: If an exact figure is not available, it is okay to use an estimate. An estimate should involve a reasonable method to derive a result to use in place of an exact count. Note: Using last year's figure is not an estimate. If using an estimate, a detailed note must be left in the appropriate note tab to explain how the estimate was determined.
  • Definitions/Instructions/Help: To view the information that is being asked for a question, click the gray question mark  circle next to each question number or consult the Instructions page (the last tab in the navigator bar).
  • Notes: Notes are useful to help explain any anomalies in the library’s data. If there is a significant change in data in the current year from the previous year, a note is necessary to explain the difference. Click on the NOTE  icon to the right of each question to add a detailed note in the appropriate note tab (Federal or State). Bibliostat defaults to the Federal tab. Notes should be specific and written clearly. It should not be a period, a comma, etc. to be able to move on with the survey. Leaving such "notes" may affect state aid eligibility.

Using the note feature helps the State Data Coordinator with reviewing all 101 recognized public libraries data from 150+ questions for accuracy, etc. If notes are not left, it then requires a phone call and/or email to clarify any data discrepancies. Placing detailed notes that reflect the issue saves everyone time and is greatly appreciated!

  • Edit Checks: As information is entered, the data is being “edit checked”. An edit check can be a current-year edit check or a historical edit check. Bibliostat Collect will alert the user if the data is out-of-range, has an arithmetic error, or is outside a range from the previous year’s data. Most edit checks are based on the library’s previous year’s responses. If receiving an edit check message, review the data for accuracy. If the data is correct, click on the note  icon and leave a detailed note in the applicable tab (Federal or State). Explain why the number is correct and be specific (e.g., we received a one-time $3,000 grant this year). Once a note is accepted, a GREEN check mark will appear next to the red edit check note.
  • Section L (Outlet Questions): This section must be completed for each library. Each library has at least 1 outlet, the main library. If a library has an eligible library branch or bookmobile, that’s another outlet. Therefore, if there is 1 main library and 1 library branch, there are 2 outlets. The main library’s information is prefilled as is most of any eligible library branches information. Review all information to ensure its accuracy. Outlets can be removed or added by clicking “Remove Group” or “Add Group” (a group is an outlet) at the bottom of the screen. PLEASE NOTE: All questions in the Branches section of Section L should remain blank IF the library does not have any library branches. There is no need to enter 0 or N/A if the library does not have any eligible library branches. 
  • Section M (Additional Questions): These are state questions and providing the most accurate information as possible to these questions is strongly encouraged, as the State Library uses this information to establish benchmark data, add resources, etc.