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Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application for Public Libraries: State Grants-in-Aid Information

A guide for New Mexico public libraries to refer to when completing the Annual Report and State Grants-in-Aid Application

State Grants-in-Aid Program

Accurately completing the Annual Report serves as the application for State Grants-in-Aid.

  • The 4.5.2 New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) governs the State Grants-in-Aid program.
  • Once the Annual Report closes each survey is reviewed using the 4.5.2 to determine state aid eligibility.
  • The New Mexico State Library currently recognizes 98 public libraries.

State Grants-in-Aid Process

State Grants-in-Aid Process

  • The 4.5.2 New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) governs the state aid program.
  • The state aid program is intended to supplement and encourage local effort in providing local library service. State aid funds are not intended to be a main source of operating income.
  • State aid estimations cannot be provided prior to the New Mexico State Library (NMSL) knowing what its upcoming fiscal year’s budget is. This usually occurs late Summer.
  • State aid grant amounts may vary by year, depending on the amount of the appropriation to the state library by the state legislature and the state library’s other budgeted expenses.
  • The first step in eligibility for state aid is for a library to be recognized by the New Mexico State Library (NMSL) as either a developing or full public library.
  • The Annual Report serves as the state aid application for both a developing and a full public library and is available online July 1 through mid-August. Information provided in the annual report is used to determine a public library’s eligibility for state aid. Once the annual report closes, information reported for all recognized public libraries is reviewed to determine eligibility.
  • The amount allocated to individual public libraries depends on the number of libraries that meet 4.5.2 NMAC eligibility criteria.
  • If a library is not eligible for state aid, a denial letter is sent to the library director. The library director has a choice to appeal the decision. The appeal is made in writing to the state librarian within 10 days of denial notification.
    • The state librarian will respond in writing with a decision within 30 days. The state librarian’s decision is the final action on the matter.
  • Once the number of eligible libraries is determined, the appropriation is split equally among all eligible full public libraries and any eligible library branches, with developing libraries’ receiving at least a quarter of a share. The Legal Service Area (LSA) population for eligible libraries is not used to calculate state grants-in-aid allocations.
    • Full public library = one (1) share
    • Eligible public library branch = one half (.50) of a share
    • Developing public library = at least a quarter (.25) of a share
  • A grant agreement packet is sent to the library director via email each Fall. Two (2) copies of the grant agreement must be signed (in blue ink) by an authorized agent who has authority to enter into a legal contract with the State of New Mexico and returned to the state library within 60 days of receipt. If a library does not submit the grant agreement within the required time-period, it forfeits the grant award.
  • Once the two (2) fully executed grant agreements are received, a request for payment will be processed.
    • The State Librarian will sign both copies of the grant agreement. One copy will be mailed to the library director. One copy will be kept in the development bureau.
    • Payments arrive via check or electronic fund transfer. State aid is not subject to a reimbursement process.
    • In odd-numbered fiscal years, state aid is disbursed using the 50% Rule. This means that half of the total allocation is distributed before the end of the calendar year, with the other half getting distributed sometime in January.
  • The 4.5.2 NMAC indicates how state aid funds can be spent. There is a State Grants-in-Aid Expenditure Guidance Sheet on the New Mexico State Library website (under Funding for Libraries) to assist with applicable expenditures.
    • The library director should provide a copy of the State Grants-in-Aid Expenditure Guidance Sheet to the financial officer and other related individuals.
    • The State Grants-in-Aid Expenditure Guidance Sheet is not an exhaustive list. If there are questions, call the development bureau 1-800-340-3890.
  • ALL state aid funds received must be spent in compliance with the 4.5.2 NMAC before the end of each state fiscal year, June 30.
  • The Annual Report asks for a breakdown of how state aid funds were spent. There is a simple spreadsheet on the New Mexico State Library website (under Funding for Libraries) to assist with tracking state aid expenditures.
  • See the New Mexico State Library website (under Funding for Libraries State Grants-in-Aid) for recognized public library state aid allocations.