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Genealogical Resources: Genealogy Recordkeeping (forms & handouts)

Organizing Your Research

The Midwest Genealogy Center has an excellent collection of free genealogy forms on their website. Here are a few select forms.

Census Forms

Census records are a valuable source of information for genealogy researchers. The Federal Census has been taken every 10 years since 1790. New Mexico was first included in the Federal Census in 1850, while still a territory. Keeping your genealogy research organized can be challenging. Below are blank census forms provided by the National Archives. Each form reflects the questions asked in that particular census. We have included just the relevant years for New Mexico. A full list of forms can be found at National Archives Genealogy Charts and Forms.

Note: The majority of the 1890 Federal Census was lost in a fire.

In addition to the federal census, don't forget to look for New Mexico state census records and territorial census records. If a state census was taken, it would happen 5 years after the Federal Census. A territorial census of New Mexico was taken in 1885.

Census records can be found at the New Mexico State Library on microfilm and digitized on, FamilySearch, and various other genealogy databases.