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Government Documents - Federal: NMSL Federal Collection Area


The New Mexico State Library was designated as a federal depository library in 1960 and is one of three libraries sharing the New Mexico Regional Depository duties.  New Mexico State Library reference librarians provide professional guidance to New Mexico citizens and librarians in the location and use of federal information online and in paper.  Most federal publications can be borrowed directly or through your local library with an Interlibrary Loan request.

The State Library also collects documents and participates in or supports the following programs:

NMSL Federal Collection

Civil Rights Commission:  CR 1.1:--CR 1.18:

Energy Department:  E 1.1:--E 12.20:

Fine Arts Commission:  FA 1.2:

Government Accountability Office:  GA 1.1:--GA 2.2:

Government Publishing Office:  GP 1.1:-- GP 3.44:

Homeland Security:  HS 1.1/2:--HS 9.8:

Library of Congress:  LC 1.1:-- 42.18:

National Capital Planning Commission:  NC 2.1:- 2.1/2:

National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities NF 2.2:--NF 4.16:

United States Postal Service:  P 1.1:--P 1.61/5:

Peace Corps:  PE 1.1:--PE 1.16:

Vice President of the United States:  PRVP 44.2:--PRVP 44.15:

Smithsonian Institution:  SI 1.1:--SI 15.15:

American Battle Monuments Commission:  Y3. Am 3:

Architect of the Capitol:  Y3.Ar 2: 1—Y3. Ar 2: 10-8

U.S. Artic Research Commission:  Y3.Ar 2/2:

National Council on Disability:  Y3. D63/3:

Office of Government Ethics:  Y3. ET 3:

U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad:  Y3. H42:

Advisory Council on Historical Preservation:  Y3.H62:

White House Historical Association:  Y3. H64/4:

Migratory Bird Conservation Commission:  Y3. M58:

Northwest Power and Conservation Council:  Y3. N81/8:

Postal Regulatory Commission:  Y3. P 84/4:

Committee for Purchase from People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled:  Y3. P97:

Committee on Energy and Commerce (House):  Y4. C 73/8:

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (Senate):  Y4. En 2:

Committee on Ethics (Senate): Y4. Et 3/4:

Committee on Ethics (House):  Y4. Et 3/5:

Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (Senate):  Y4. G74/9:

Committee on Homeland Security (House):  Y4. H75:

Joint Committee on the Library:  Y4. L61/2:

Joint Committee on Printing:  Y4. P93/1: