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Government Documents - Federal: UNM Federal Collection Area


UNM was originally designated as the Regional Depository for New Mexico in 1967. Zimmerman and Centennial Science and Engineering libraries have managed the Regional government information collections since that time. Federal government information which is disseminated or distributed by the USGPO regardless of form or format is available for use by all citizens of New Mexico.

UNM Federal Collection

National Archives and Records Administration:  AE 1.101--AE 2.115: & GS 4.1-4.26

Broadcasting Board of Governors:  B 1.1:--B 2.10:

Commerce Department:  C1.1--C 63.28 (Exception of C 21: which is PTO material that will reside at NMSU)

U.S. Air Force:  D 301.1:--D 306.8:

Defense Department—Army/Navy/Marines: D 1.1--D 221.18: & N

Department of Education:  ED 1.1 -  ED 1.702:

Environmental Protection Agency:  EP 1.1:--EP 13.18:

Federal Housing Finance Agency:  FHF 1.1:--FHF 1.20/4

Federal Maritime Commission:  FMC 1.1:--FMC 1.15:

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors:  FR 1.1:--FR 2.17:

Federal Trade Commission:  FT 1.1:--FT 1.46:

Foreign-Trade Zone Boards:  FTZ 1.1:--FTZ 1.10:

Health and Human Services Department:  HE 1.1:--HE 25.18:

Department of the Interior:  I 1.1:--I 74.15/7:

International Trade Commission:  ITC 1.1:--ITC 1.35:

Justice Department:  J 1.1:--J 38.21 (except Ju 2.2:--Ju 15.15 to NMSU)

Labor Department:  L 1.1:--L 41.18:  & LA

National Labor Relations Board:  LR 1.1:-- LR 1.17:

Merit Systems Protection Board:  MS 1.1:--MS 1.17:

National Credit Union Administration:  NCU 1.1—NCU 1.23:

Overseas Private Investment Corporation:  OP 1.1:--OP 1.15:

Personnel Management Office:  PM 1.1—PM 1.75:

President of the U.S:  PR 1 - PR 44:

Executive Office of the President:  PREX 1.2:--PREX 31.15:

State Department:  S 1.1:--S 24.15:  (exception S.19 which is Peace Corp that will reside at NMSL)

Securities and Exchange Commission:  SE 1.1:--SE 1.42:

Social Security Administration:  SSA 1.1:--SSA 1.79:

Transportation Department:  TD 1.1:--TD 14.8:

U.S Trade and Development Agency:  TDA 1.1:--TDA 1.16:

Veterans Affairs Department:  VA 1.1:--VB 1.18:

CONGRESS:  X (includes XJH, XJS, X/A, X 1.1:--X1.1/A

House of Representatives/U.S Senate:  Y 1.1:--Y 1.7:

African Development Foundation:  Y3. Af:

Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress:  Y3. C76/4: 2

Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive:  Y3. C83/2:  1-2/--Y3. C83/2: 15

Office of Special Counsel:  Y3. C 83/3: 1--Y3. C83/3: 7

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board:  Y3. D 36/3: 1--Y3. D36/3:16

North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation:  Y3. EN 8:

Federal Executive Board:  Y3. F 31/20:

Federal Labor Relations Board:  Y3. F 31/21:

United States Holocaust Memorial Council:  Y3. H 74:

National Advisory Council on Indian Education:  Y3. IN 2/10:1--Y3.IN 2/10: 8

Inter-American Foundation:  Y3.In 8/25:

Japan-United States Friendship Commission:  Y3. J27: 1—Y3. J27: 2:

Legal Services Corporation:  Y3. L 52:

Marine Mammal Commission:  Y3.M 33/3:1

Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board:  Y3. N88/2:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission:  Y3. N88: 1--Y3. N88: 64

Selective Service System:  Y3. SE 4.1:--Y3. SE 4: 28/

United States Sentencing Commission:  Y3. SE 5: 1/:--Y3. SE 5: 19:

Tennessee Valley Authority:  Y3. T25: 1--Y3. T25: 74-3

National Women’s Business Council:  Y3. W84/4: 1—Y3. W84/4: 16

Special Commission on Aging (Senate):  Y4. AG 4:

Committee on Appropriations (House):  Y4. AP 6/1:

Committee on Appropriations (Senate):  Y4. AP 6/2:

Committee on Armed Services (House): Y4. Ar 5/2:

Committee on Armed Services (Senate):  Y4. Ar 5/3:

Congressional-Executive Commission on China:  Y4. C44:

Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation (Senate):  Y4. C73/7:

Committee on Foreign Relations (House):  Y4. F76/1:

Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate):  Y4. F76/2:

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (House):  Y4. G74/7:

Committee on Indian Affairs (Senate):  Y4. In 2/11:

Committee on International Relations (House):  Y4. In 8/16:

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (House): Y4. In 8/18:

Select Committee on Intelligence (Senate):  Y4. In 8/19:

Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (Senate):  Y4. L 11/4:

Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate):  Y4. P96/10:

Committee on Natural Resources (House):  Y4.R31/3:

Committee on Rules (House):  Y4. R 86/1:

Committee on Rules and Administration (Senate):  Y4. R 86/2:

Committee on Science and Technology (House):  Y4. SCI 2—2/12:

Committee on Veteran's Affairs (House):  Y4. V64/3:

Committee on Veteran's Affairs (Senate):  Y4. V 64/4:

Committee on Ways and Means (House):  Y4. W36:

Select and Special Committees (As Appointed):  Y.4.2 – 4.3:

Congress:  Y.7:

Congressional Budget Office:  Y 10.1 – 10.34:

Office of Compliance:  Y 11.1: