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FDLP Shared Regional Collections

The New Mexico State Library (NMSL), the University of New Mexico (UNM), and the New Mexico State University (NMSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding creating a shared Regional Depository Library for Federal government information in New Mexico. Federal depository libraries participate in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), which is administered nationally by the United States Government Publications Office (USGPO).

Under the new shared system, the New Mexico regional federal collection will be divided and each institution will house all of the materials for the agencies assigned. For instance, Department of Agriculture reports and publications will be housed at NMSU which has programs in agriculture; NMSL will hold the material for the Department of Energy which includes Los Alamos publications; and, UNM will maintain the Congressional materials.

(See Collection tabs to the left for more information about each institutions collection area.)

There are 9 selective federal depository libraries in New Mexico. Each library collection has its own unique focus and staff that specialize in the retrieval of government information. Selective depositories do not need to retain all FDLP material like the regional libraries do. If, as a selective library, you have questions please contact your regional librarian.

Designated Regional contacts:

New Mexico State Library

is regional coordinator for:

University of New Mexico

is regional coordinator for:

New Mexico State University

is regional coordinator for:

IAIA UNM Law School Western New Mexico University
Supreme Court Law Library New Mexico Tech New Mexico Junior College
Highlands University Eastern New Mexico University  
Farmington Public Library    

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